How long will it take to implement Executive Dashboard?

Executive Dashboard is quick and easy to implement. Customers who use our ASP solution can be up and running within just a few hours. For customers who elect to host the application on their own infrastructure, implementation can occur within 1-3 days.

What type of equipment is needed to run Executive Dashboard?

Our ASP solution can be deployed with no on-site hardware requirements.

Self-hosted customers will need Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 Server, IIS 5.0+ and either a MS-SQL, Oracle or Sybase Server. End users need Internet Explorer browser 6.0 or higher.

What is the learning curve for Executive Dashboard?

Executive Dashboard can be taught to both Administrators and End-Users in 3 hours.

Do I have to build my own dashboards?

Some organizations choose to build their own dashboards, but Qualitech Solutions does offer to provide you with assistance in planning and building your dashboards or we can build them for you.

How many programmers are needed to build my dashboards?

None. Executive Dashboard is driven with menu selections and is easy to use. The software includes several default views and report templates, but an assigned administrator or IT person with HTML is needed for additional view and report template creations or we can build them for you.

Does Executive Dashboard come with any pre-defined indicator templates?

Qualitech Solutions does offer some pre-defined indicators templates for various industries to get you started.


Executive Dashboard - A Qualitech Solutions Product